Making Money With Micro Niches

To make regular money using public domain content you need to focus your content on marketing a specific micro niche. You can create a many micro niches as you want, the more niches you have, the greater your earning potential.

 make money with micro niche marketing

A micro niche in marketing terms is defined as a subset of a larger subject. Let's say for example you want to create a site on World War 1. You research the market and find that there are plenty of searches for WW1 but the competition is just as strong. So you use a keyword finder to research keywords to place in your micro niche. Start breaking the subject down into micro niches until you find one that has a good number of searches and also gives you the potential to make some money. After some research you settle for the World War 1Submarines niche. There are still plenty of searches for your niche but nowhere near as much competition.

Competition for the main subject areas is usually very strong, plus they are already well covered by the big players with huge advertising and marketing budgets. Find a niche where there is a verified interest and the opportunity to make some money.

Here's how I worked out a marketing niche for one of my projects. I started with the main subject of used vehicle sales, but soon discovered that it was well covered, and the competition was fierce. So I drilled down a bit into the subject and looked at how to repair a used vehicle, but that was still very competitive. Eventually I settled for a very specific niche, alternators and their repair.

I researched the niche and found there were a good number of searches and best of all little competition. There was also plenty of public domain content, including images and videos that I could use as content for my project. I monetised my new micro niche with AdSense and Amazon.

You might think that alternators and their repair may not attract millions of visitors a day. And you're right it doesn't. But it does attract targeted visitors to a site dealing specifically with information and resources that my visitors are looking for.

how to make money with micro niche marketing

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